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Celebrating Women in Film, TV, and Advertising: Gemma Nicholson, Post Production Supervisor and Co-Founder of Post Super

Olivia Broadley
Mar 8, 2024
5 min read

For the next story in our series celebrating International Women’s Day, Sohonet continues its journey of exploration into the experiences of leading women in our industry. These captivating interviews delve into their triumphs, challenges, and the invaluable insights they offer on empowerment and promotion within our field. 

Today, we're highlighting Gemma Nicholson, a Post Production Supervisor and Co-Founder of Post Super. Gemma's journey started in the sound-cutting rooms of major films in the early 2000s. Transitioning to Post Coordinating and Supervising in 2009, she leveraged her experience to co-found Post Super, a venture dedicated to educating, informing, and supporting freelancers, Post Producers, Supervisors, and Coordinators in Film & High-End Television.

Hi Gemma, so what part of your work brings you the most joy, and what fuels your passion and motivation in your career?

G: I actually really love all parts of my job! I've been in the film and television industry for approximately 23/24 years now. I started in sound, then I was a Post Coordinator & Supervisor before starting Post Super about four and a half years ago… Over my whole career I have constantly moved closer towards the things that brought me the most joy & Post Super actually is the culmination of that! I am passionate about being part of this Post Production community, I get motivated when I am talking to a wide range of people who are all working at the highest echelons of our industry, I love connecting the dots between different parts of the puzzle & passing that information on and I find that joy when I hear how training, knowledge and information really REALLY helps people. I really do feel like Post Super is making a difference, it feels really good to be on that journey & to be on it with brilliant people around me - My business partner Jess Hartley, my team at Post Super & obviously the rest of the Post Production Community.

If you could offer a single piece of career advice to your younger self what would it be?

G: Don't give up! There is always somewhere or someone to go to for information.. Nothing is unknowable, you just have to keep searching out the information. Go to a trusted source - Our website, a colleague, an industry expert, keep asking until you get an answer (and don’t worry, there are lots of people in this lovely industry that we call post Film and Television post-production who are willing to share what they know and help you!) There are no stupid questions (the only stupid question is the one that you didn't ask) So just get on with it!

Who are some female role models who have inspired you?

G: I have such great female role models in my life, I am very much surrounded by women that I admire. I look at my mum who really both invested & believed in me, she was always brilliant at juggling multiple elements & making connections with people. I see that knowledge gleaned from her that people are so important, trust & developing those relationships are incredibly significant to become successful.  I look at my sister Jess, who is my business partner at Post Super and I see her boundary setting. Jess really knows how to set and hold a boundary - this really is very inspiring because it shows me that I don't have to accept less than I am worth & that boundaries help everyone. My stepmother was also a big influence as she has been a very successful career woman, she showed me what can be achieved when you set your mind to it.... invaluable to have that modeled for me.

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