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Variety ft Sohonet CEO, chuck parker on “10 Innovators to Watch” in 2021

Olivia Broadley
Apr 15, 2021
5 min read
Chuck Parker, CEO Sohonet

We’re thrilled to have our CEO Chuck Parker featured on Variety’s “10 Innovators to Watch” in 2021 list. Each year, Variety throw a spotlight on emerging talent and technologies in communications and entertainment, highlighting the technologists inventing and perfecting the gear that will define the future and creatives discovering new artistic forms. The honorees, who will be feted in the April 28 issue, include some of the most exciting new trailblazers operating at the intersection of technology.

Honourees this year include Steve Johnson, Vice President of Product and Studio Design, Netflix, Chuck Parker, CEO, Sohonet, Sam Lucas, Co-founder, Special; Asad J. Malik, Founder, Jadu; Teresa Phillips, CEO and Co-Founder of Spherex; and Alex Cyrell, Co-Founder & CEO, Evercast; Kirin Sinha, CEO, Illumix; Vidya Narayanan, CEO and Co-Founder, Rizzle; Jichul Lee, Partner/Executive Creative Director of Giantstep; and Fabrice Sergent, Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Bandsintown.

The virtual event hosted on April 28 at 9:30 a.m. PT in the Variety Streaming Room will see Variety’s Andrew Wallenstein, President and Chief Media Analyst, VIP (Variety Intelligence Platform), lead a discussion with the honorees on how their businesses responded to COVID-19 and what the future envisions for these tech innovators. See Variety’s announcement.

Innovations from Sohonet

Early in the pandemic, Sohonet CEO Chuck Parker understood the great challenges facing our industry and spearheaded the company’s efforts to help productions to continue and ensure content was delivered despite stay at home orders. He led the Sohonet team to develop real-time remote collaboration capabilities that creatives can initiate and manage for a wide range of uses in pre-production, production, VFX and post-production.  ClearView Flex was recognised by ATAS with 2020 Engineering Emmy, by HPA for Engineering Excellence in the 2020 HPA Awards and by the Advanced Imaging Society in the 2021 Lumiere Awards for advancing remote collaboration for the film & TV industries. Flex is now used by all the major streaming distribution services, with every 2021 Golden Globes category featuring customers of Sohonet, including Netflix, HBO, Disney, NBCU, Amazon Studios, Warner Bros and Sony.

Discover the Emmy-winning remote collaboration tool driving innovation

Variety's 10 Innovators to Watch 2021
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