ClearView Flex

Remote, real-time collaboration anywhere on any device

Live video streams from any source to any device

Edit, Review and Approve from anywhere

Wherever you go, there you are

ClearView Flex saves time, money and sanity.

From your weekend passion project to that multi-year series commitment, ClearView Flex is here to help you bend the rules of time and space.

The simplest, most accurate tool for real-time collaboration for directors, DPs, editors, producers, and production execs is now available by subscription or by the week.

With the launch of Clearview Flex Go, you really are running out of excuses for missing that edit session.

Scattered Talent & Teams

Key members of your production and post-production teams are increasingly scattered across continents and oceans.

Everyday Life Keeps you “On-the-Go”

Your personal and professional life will can take you anywhere — but what do you do when an urgent matter with your production arises?

Real-Time Review

There are a number of ways to share content with others for review, but very few which allow you to share content to remote views in sync with the original source.

Content Security

With so many collaborators and prying eyes, moving your precious content both quickly AND securely is challenging.

Traditional, consumer-grade video conferencing grade tools simply don’t meet the performance or security needs of sophisticated Media & Entertainment projects.

Or course, you could consider building your own solution for directly streaming from your edit bay to the outside world. But that type of CAPEX-heavy work is not well-suited to a project-based business.

Call the shots in real-time, anywhere

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ClearView Flex: Real-Time Creative Collaboration for Every Project

  • Connect an SDI video source (such as an Avid system) to the FlexBox
  • Invite viewers via a simple webpage
  • Viewers get an emailed link that enables them to watch on their PC, mobile device or via Apple TV
  • Studio-grade security protects your valuable content the whole time

What is ClearView Flex?

ClearView Flex enables key creatives and production executives to view a live, encrypted video stream in real-time, on a mobile device or PC, from anywhere–without getting on a plane. (Peanuts not included.)

Collaborate anywhere, anytime

Tap into a live session through any standard internet connection

Use your PC or mobile device

All you need is a browser.

Maintain Security

Encrypted streams are provided through a secure link, with a unique session ID burned into each stream


Ultra-low latency — within 2-5 frames, plus the speed of light


Streaming sessions can support up to 20 simultaneous viewers


CAPEX-Free, Fully-Managed Service with 24/7 Global Support

Features overview

  • View a session from anywhere via PC, Tablet or Mobile
  • Works stand-alone or with one or two-ended ClearView HD configurations
  • Streaming Video is encrypted and streamed from the private Sohonet 
Media Network
  • User management UI and secure video players included
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Who Uses ClearView Flex

Selected case studies

Read about ClearView Flex in action

Dirty Looks: Remote Colour grading Shane Meadow's, "The Virtues"

Using ClearView Flex to collaborate with their out-of-town clients, enabling Dirty Looks to host remote, real-time edit reviews & colour grading sessions

Create Advertising Group logo

Create Advertising: Secure Live Editing over the Web to Remote Clients

How ClearView Flex let them better expand their reach to customers outside LA

Hireworks: Solving their clients remote-collaboration challenges with ClearView Flex

Using ClearView Flex to arm their clients with a trusted and secure tool to help solve their remote-collaboration challenges. 

Coffee & TV: Reviewing live edit sessions to Instagram Ads remotely

Using ClearView Flex to  speed up and simplify the review and approval process for both themselves and their clients

goldcrest logo

Goldcrest Films: Global Collaboration through Remote Real-Time Review

Using both ClearView Flex and ClearView HD to streamline operations and reduce travel costs

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ClearView Flex Resources & Downloads

ClearView Flex Overview Datasheet

Learn more about what you can do with ClearView Flex and how it works

ClearView Flex Security Whitepaper

Outlines the steps we’ve taken to ensure our users and attendees enjoy secure streaming sessions

ClearView Flex eBook

The Future of Content Collaboration

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Pricing Tiers and Getting Started


1 Flexbox

US $1,200 / £900
per year


US $300 / £230

  • Fully Managed by Sohonet
  • iOS App included
  • 2 Viewers on any device
  • Streaming Quality Options:

    — Mobile / LTE

    — Laptop / Desktop


US $750 / £560

  • Fully Managed by Sohonet
  • iOS App included
  • 5 Viewers on any device
  • Streaming Quality Options:

    — Mobile / LTE

    — Laptop / Desktop

    — Edit Suite


US $2,000 / £1,500
per month

with annual contract

  • Fully Managed by Sohonet
  • 1 FlexBox at sending location
  • iOS App included
  • 5 Viewers on any device
  • Streaming Quality Options:

    — Mobile / LTE

    — Laptop/Desktop

    — Edit Suite