Our solutions bring remote teams together. We help M&E professionals collaborate smoothly and securely at every phase of the production lifecycle

Network Connectivity

The basis for collaboration and slick workflows is connectivity. Our solutions cover a range of needs, whether you’re struggling with patchy connections or networks that aren’t secure. Our FastLane solution provides you with a private connection to your cloud service providers, whereas the Sohonet Media Network gives you your own dedicated network, so you can always transfer files quickly and securely.

Real-Time Collaboration

Getting teams together for reviews is becoming increasingly difficult. But projects don’t stop just because timelines don’t match up. That’s where real-time collaboration tools come in. Whether you’re making approval decisions where quality is paramount or you need the flexibility to review content on-the-go, our remote collaboration tools give your teams the freedom to collaborate easily in real-time.

File Transfer & Cloud Storage

Media has never been more data-intensive, and rendering VFX files has never been harder. Our solutions are designed so you can transfer and store your content without a second thought. Our file transfer solutions are high-speed and secure, connected by a network you can rely on. Our storage solutions are scalable and flexible.

Production Services

We deliver a range of solutions and tools designed to help productions of every shape and size. From production studio setups to shooting on location, we can support you from the minute you get the green light to when the production wraps.

We can get you set up with internet, Wi-Fi/ LAN, and phones, and provide you with studio-grade tools to share content with creatives and executives worldwide.

Media Security

Collaboration produces great content, but by benefiting from a wider source of talent, you inevitably extend your perimeter of trust. We can provide security protection across your network, and can provide you with your own tailored cybersecurity package. We can cover management and configuration of your firewalls and VPN, keeping your content safe around the clock at a price that works for you.