Strategic Solutions with Sohonet

Helping Media & Entertainment solve the "impossible" with strategic technologies since 1995

Sohonet’s network connectivity and cloud services were purpose-built from Day 1 to solve the particular challenges faced by Media & Entertainment professionals. As longtime trailblazers at the forefront of connectivity and data management for the M&E sector, we are intimately familiar with the special circumstances and needs of our customers — which directs our mission to build services, infrastructure and support with a “media first” mindset.

That’s why leading global M&E companies — from the big studios to post-production houses and VFX shops — have counted on us for over 20 years to knowledgeably serve creative technological solutions to fit their individual needs and workflow requirements.

Sohonet maintains close relationships with industry manufacturers and suppliers, but is not tied exclusively to anyone. This allows us to find exactly the right products and services for your needs.

Everything we offer our customers is based on these 3 Core Principles.


  • Speeds that far outpace traditional over-the-internet solutions
  • Reliability to ensure your projects don’t skip a beat (with DR & failovers in place, just in case)
  • Security of the highest standards


  • Direct connection to an always-growing community of the world’s M&E leaders
  • Burstable capacity and speed to meet project-by-project needs
  • Interoperability with wide ecosystem of cloud infrastructure partners


  • Fully-Managed “as-a-Service”
  • CAPEX Free, Lower TCO
  • 24/7 Expert Support, familiar with how your industry works

Connect around the world

Productions are expanding to all corners of the globe.

We help bring everyone and everything closer together.

There have never been so many great options for Media & Entertainment companies to work wherever and with whomever they want. But doing so still comes with considerable technological challenges and expense. You could build out your own dedicated network infrastructure and tools to make it all happen. But the costs will be be high and the overhead could complicate your operations.

So why not tap into an existing, proven global network of the top players in Media & Entertainment?

Connectivity use cases

How Sohonet can help

Tapping into the global media community

Staying connected to a constantly growing international Media & Entertainment community is no small feat

Liberation from network contention

Connecting over standard internet feels like a fist fight with other traffic for resources — so skip the restriction of public internet to always get the maximum bandwidth speeds from your network

Guaranteeing throughput

When your workflows require sustained transfer to extended durations of time, you need reliable connectivity that you know will stay up at expected speeds.

Global Multiprotocol Label Switching

If you need to transition from an IP-based solution to a secure heavy-duty MPLS network, we can make that happen.

Customizing network architecture for direct access

Get a direct line to your closest partners through P2P or Dark Fibre

Bursting network connectivity on-demand

Throttle up your network speed on-demand and pay only for what you use — whether it’s for minutes, days, or months

Collaborate without obstacles

Working "from afar" and "on-the-go" are the new normal.

Your teams needs the means for direct and quick connection to get stuff done.

As media productions become increasingly more complex, meeting deadlines isn’t necessarily getting any easier. Your production assets and files are bigger than ever. The number of stakeholders, reviewers and collaborators you work with is steadily growing. You have security requirements that are more demanding.

We’ve set out to provide the right tools to help you manage all these moving parts in a timely fashion.

Collaboration use cases

How Sohonet can help

Bridging the gap between partners

Ensure fast, secure, reliable connections with your community of partners and clients through the largest private network for M&E

Managing multiple collaborators at once

Getting the right production assets to the right people on time can be a logistical and technological challenge — but the right file transfer tool can help you manage this process at scale

Managing multiple projects at once

Organize and keep track of all your shared assets for all your various projects for different productions, all from one place

Needing to be in multiple places at once

You’d do anything to make it to that editing or review session. But you can’t be there. A teleporter would help, if only one existed…

Fly less

…and do you really need to fly half-way around the world to be in that editing and review session anyhow?

Get feedback and approval fast

Moving productions along requires getting the greenlight from lots of people from different places — we provide the means to get those people tapped in conveniently and securely

Scale infrastructu­re on-demand

Need a boost?

Sometimes you need to turbocharge and expand your media operations on-demand to get the job done.

In order to bring ambitious creative projects to life, you have orchestrated impressive media production systems to make the magic happen at epic proportions. The last thing you need at critical moments is to have your potential throttled down by bottlenecks of latency, maxed-out network bandwidth, or stalled-out infrastructure.

For reliable solutions that can scale, expand and sustain, look no further than Sohonet.

Scalability use cases

How Sohonet can help

Bursting infrastructure capacity on-demand

Sometimes, you just need a “fast forward” button for your production workflows.

Accelerate File Transfer to Your Network's Maximum Speed

For when you really need all your bandwidth to get you files from A to B

Bring the public cloud to your network

Helping you connect directly and securely to various cloud securely at once

Tool-Optimized Cloud Storage

For media production, cloud storage should fit with your workflows and expand as needed, without breaking the bank.

Secure your media workflows

Security shouldn't come at the expense of speed and performance.

In the world of Media & Entertainment, you need it all.

It’s hard enough to manage the core technical demands of production and post-production. Though valid, adding worries about security onto the pile doesn’t make anything easier. As guardians of extremly sensitive data and content, you are beholden not only to the security demands set by your own company, but also those of your collaborators, clients, and trade associations.

We at Sohonet are seasoned veterans of Media & Entertainment cybersecurity. We live for the joy of managing firewalls, VPNs, and complicated patch updates — so you don’t have to. Let us at least take this one off your plate, so you can focus on your business’ bottom line.

Security use cases

How Sohonet can help

Reducing your Security CAPEX

Benefit from a global team of experts in firewall and security management — all “as-a-Service” and without the overhead

Outsource your paranoia

You already have enough to worry about getting projects done — so let us worry about the bad guys for you

Prioritized Implementation of Patches and Updates

With our broad view and extra expert hands, we can execute complex security updates on your behalf

Global 24/7 Monitoring

For when you need a broader reach than just your network security at ALL TIMES — we are watching the skies for you AND other companies like you

Secure transfer of files between collaborators

You need to send files to others FAST, but can’t compromise your security — full encryption, advanced user authentication, and meeting audit requirements are a must.

Next Generation Firewall expertise

Looking to beef up your production network’s Layer 7 protection and security with a Next-Gen Firewall? But don’t want the hassle of setup and maintenance? We are known as a trusted partner for NGFW implementation and management in M&E.

We'll equip you to dream big.

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