Production Services

Whether it’s getting you set up with phones, internet, WI-FI/LAN or providing you with studio-grade tools to share or stream your content, Sohonet Exchange helps create a smoother production workflow for you and your teams

Get your production phones setup quick

These days, you need a flexible phone capability that provides physical phones for the production offices AND soft phones support so those participating from off-set can quickly join audio and video calls as well.

Whether its two phones for a SetDec warehouse or 100+ phones for the production office, our team can customise your phone system exactly how you like it.

Scalable internet to support your production as it grows and shrinks

Now more than ever, your team needs to be able to quickly ramp us connectivity to the outside world, which starts with cost-effective internet that can be quickly deployed for your production needs at every location.

Our internet services are scoped to match the needs of every production, meaning you’ll never invest in bandwidth you don’t use, but can scale to meet peak project demands and tight deadlines.

Keep your production connected with WiFi and LAN switching

Productions are more complex these days, with WIFI requirements for your creatives and hardline drops for cameras and heavy lifting video workflows.

Getting your costume department, stage building teams and post team connected to each other and to post and VFX partners around the world is critical. When it comes to setting up your secure data network and WiFi we’ve got you covered.

Keeping you connected from green light to wrap

No two productions are the same. Each comes with its individual challenges, which, over many years, makes us pretty well versed in problem-solving and providing solutions to help create stellar productions.

In our production playbook we provide a step by step guide to a smoother production workflow. From setting up the production office, to preparing to shoot and collaborating with off-set crew and creatives.